About AF5

Art Force 5 champions creativity over conflict through non-violence workshops and impactful, community-based art.
Outreach is designed to address the unique needs of each school, community, or company. Our five objectives are to promote equality, reduce violence, build community, teach history, and sow empathy.
In 2006, Drawn to Diversity was founded at Alfred University as a creative approach to furthering the institution’s historic commitment to equality and social justice. In 2008, Alfred University launched Art Force 5 as the program’s outreach team, sharing our mission into numerous communities. The program was founded and is currently directed by Dan Napolitano, director of student activities.




Alfred University’s Art Force Five team has shared this message with over one hundred audiences at preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community centers, museums, schools for incarcerated youth, colleges, and professional conferences. When facing conflict, people instinctively “fight or take flight.” Creativity is the third option, often producing the most remarkable outcomes. By developing a propensity for creativity, we strive to reduce the fight instinct (violence, bullying, and anger-induced behavior) and the flight instinct (social withdrawal, drugs/alcohol, suicide, truancy/drop out). Additionally, we enforce creativity’s ability to promote equality and strengthen communities. The Art Force Five would welcome an opportunity to strengthen your community’s propensity toward creativity and equality. Please contact us if we can assist you and your students in becoming creative super heroes.


Dan Napolitano,
Director, Drawn to Diversity
Alfred University