Art Force 5 meets Stan Lee

October, 2016 – Alfred University’s Art Force 5 program was invited by coordinators of the New York ComicCon to design and lead a fan-made salute to the legendary comic creator Stan Lee. Over three hundred fans (of the nearly 200,000 attendees) painted predetermined patterns onto ceramic tiles and signed possibly the largest, physical “thank you card” ever created. Thousands of fans posed for photos with the artwork as it evolved throughout the four days.

The project was intended to acknowledge Mr. Lee’s likely last east-coast event (as travel at 93 is becoming difficult) and gave fans an outlet to honor the creator of Spiderman, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, the X-Men and more. The work was presented to Mr. Lee at the event and will be mailed to his museum for possible exhibition.

The colorful apron-clad Art Force 5 uses the popularity of superheroes to lead impactful community-based art, often addressing social justice issues. Most recently, the team has been working with NYS police departments to foster creative community engagement. Coincidently, Mr. Lee has recently designed and shared a logo and pin intended to build respect between police and community. Expect to see these pin on the super team’s aprons sometime soon.