Art Force 5 seek NYC partners and location for Silent Parade anniversary event on July 28

Alfred, NY – The award-winning Art Force 5 team is determined to join NYC in honoring the legacy of 8,000+ protestors who silently marched against race-related violence in 1917. Unfortunately, they have yet to find any other planned recognition of the 100th anniversary of The Silent Parade being hosted within the city. Therefore, the program is now seeking locations to stage their own event which will feature free children’s activities, an educational workshop, and an exhibition of several mosaic portrait which honor 1917 icons.

“The Art Force 5 uses the popularity of superheroes and the accessibility of art-making to address social justice issues,” explains Mawia Elawad, student captain of the team. “July 28 is a fitting time to pay tribute to the superheroes of our past – and we hope to partner with some present-day educational heroes to share this legacy.”

The July 28, 1917 Silent Parade ran down Fifth Avenue and was coordinated by NAACP leaders W.E.B. Dubois, James Weldon Johnson, and Madam CJ Walker. The event was a direct response to the East St. Louis race riots (7/2/1917) and the frequent lynchings occurring throughout the country. Over 8,000 people silently marched down Fifth Avenue, with children leading the march, followed by women, and then men.

The Art Force 5 was founded at Alfred University in 2006 and recently was awarded the Unite Rochester prize to help the City of Rochester (NY) address poverty, racism, and violence through their art. They have also led community art awareness activities for the University of Notre Dame, University of Oklahoma, City of Indianapolis, SUNY Brockport, and various other communities.

NYC sites interested in hosting this event, free of charge, are asking to contact Dan Napolitano, Director of Alfred University’s Drawn to Diversity curriculum at