Creativity Workshop

The Art Force Five promotes “creativity” as the ultimate superpower and as a productive alternative to the “fight or flight” reflex. The workshop explores the power of creativity throughout history and as a positive tool for solving life’s challenges.

The nation’s reported “creativity crisis” weakens much more than the arts. It diminishes productive problem-solving as conflicts are often met with a “fight (violence, anger, bullying) or flight” (alcohol, suicide, drop-outs) response. This workshop introduces the Art Force Five as a creative force for social justice and encourages participants to use creativity in addressing everyday challenges. The program includes visual literacy exercises, examples of creativity throughout history, and leaves the participants with a practical decision-making model for real-life use.

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Drawn to Diversity provides the following lesson plans to educators to supplement a visit by the Art Force Five to their classroom. Also, there is a training folder than should be provided to students to guide them through the learning process of promoting equality, reducing violence and strengthening their community.

For Educators:

Lesson Plans

For Students:

Training Folder